Vitality Mod Brass Performance Mod

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The Vitality Mod is a high end performance brass mod. The Vitality Mod features a hybrid 510 and comfort grip and has a deep threaded button that self adjusts to accommodate multiple battery sizes, including 21700, 20700, 20650, and 18650. Because the bottom button will screw all the way up, it adjusts to the size of the battery to prevent any potential rattling. For further protection, there is a 10mm anti-arc contact piece just below the hybrid 510 to prevent the potential short of a battery that has a ripped insulator or battery wrap.

Hybrid 510
Fit 25mm RDA
10mm Anti-Arc Contact
Copper Contact
Comfort Grip
Battery Size: 21700, 20700, 20650, 18650
Self Adjusting Anti Battery Rattle

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