About Us

WC Vapor started out very small as we began just selling various products on eBay. Within two months, a website was born. From the beginning, our goal has always been to help people find a better alternative to smoking tobacco products. WC believes in providing vast knowledge and excellent customer service to anyone we do business with.

Throughout 2014, as both founders continued to work full time jobs, we started to attract more local customers through various Facebook groups and networking events. Our nights and weekends were spent filling orders, delivering to customers, and hosting local events where we could showcase our products. In early 2015, we decided to register as a sponsoring vendor at the upcoming VaperSlam Convention in Winston Salem, NC. VaperSlam was held in March of 2015 and it was a huge success due to being able to meet the general public and introducing our products. The success at VaperSlam was all the motivation that we needed to move forward and grow as a company.

In May 2015, we put a down payment on a lease at our first store in Salem, VA. We opened our doors to the public on June 1st.  From the first day that WC Vapor Company opened it's doors in Salem , we continued to utilize our networks through various forms of social media to get the word out.  Throughout the rest of 2015, we continued to grow and by the end of the year, we were able to hire two additional employees.

In early spring 2016, we began discussions of a second storefront. By April 2016, WC Vapor Company of Roanoke was born and we added an additional full time employee to help us run the new store location. WC Vapor Company of Roanoke is now where we host events, including Halloween parties, Cloud Competitions, and even the occasional Bachelor party!  We look forward to continuing to serve our current and future customers in the years to come!

In June 2017, we began planning our 3rd retail location in Christiansburg, VA.  We opened our doors to the New River Valley on August, 1st 2017.  Now into 2018, WC Christiansburg has grown into a sustainable store with 3 employees.  With the the success of our 3rd store, we began discussing Lynchburg as a 4th store location.  In February 2018, we signed a lease for our 4th location in Lynchburg, VA.  Our plans are to have it open by the middle of March 2018.  


1801 Roanoke Blvd, Salem VA 24153
(540) 685-0689


1101 Gus Nicks Blvd, Roanoke, VA 24012
(540) 904-2415 

1580 N. Franklin St. #5, Christiansburg, VA 24073
(540) 355-1579

1580 N. Franklin St. #5, Christiansburg, VA 24073
Estimated Opening March 2018